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Irisin ELISA (human, mouse, rat, monkey)

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Principle of Method

This assay is a competitive Enzyme Linked-Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) kit for quantitative determination of irisin in human biological fluids (plasma, serum, cell culture supernatant). The assay also works for mouse, rat and monkey samples. A polyclonal antibody recognizing native irisin reacts with a series of predetermined recombinant irisin standard proteins or samples under competition in the irisin-coated plate. Their relative reactivity is plotted with that of the standard proteins.


Fibronectin type III domain containing (FNDC) family consists of the multiple protein species including FNDC5 also called irisin, which has been identified as a myokine capable of inducing browning of white adipose tissue leading to brown adipocytes and beige fat cells by stimulating UCP1 expression, via the PGC-1α transcriptional co-activator (3). Irisin is a single-pass type I membrane protein whose secretion could be by a putative signal peptide. Since irisin has been discovered as a soluble protein from the culture supernatant of myocytes from muscle-specific PGC-1α transgenic mice the predicted extracellular domain should be cleaved following liberation from the cell surface membrane. Indeed, this it was shown that irisin is present in culture supernatants and human/mouse sera as a 22 kDa protein (3). Irisin is able to induce UCP1 as well as a number of genes manifested in brown adipose tissues. In particular, the level of irisin was increased by muscular exercise in mouse and human, suggesting that irisin plays an important role in obesity and glucose homeostasis.


Competitive type ELISA

Other names

Fibronectin type III domain-containing protein 5, FNDC5, Fibronectin type III repeat-containing protein 2

Sample Types

Serum, Plasma or Cell Culture Supernatant

Species crossreactivity

Though this is a human irisin assay, it also works for mouse, rat and monkey.

Sample Volume

Serum and Plasma : 12.5 µL (actual amount of sample loaded in well after dilution)

Standard Curve

Typical standard curve with the Irisin ELISA

Calibration Range:  0.001–5 μg/ml

Limit of Detection

1 ng/ml

Intra-assay (Within-Run) C.V.


Inter-assay (Run-to-Run) C.V.



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References to Summary

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