Biocolor releases "Sircol™ 2.0" Collagen Assay Kit for Enhanced Soluble Collagen Quantification

Biocolor Ltd and its North American distributor, Ilex Life Sciences LLC, announce the release of the Sircol™ 2.0 Collagen Assay Kit, designed for streamlined measurement of soluble collagens extracted from in-vitro or in-vivo samples!

This latest addition to the highly cited family of "Sircol" collagen kits combines an updated 96-well microplate format with an improved dye formulation, enabling significantly enhanced collagen sensitivity and specificity. This makes it possible to directly analyze collagen from complex samples such as conditioned media during 2D or 3D cell culture.

Biocolor Sircol™ 2.0 Soluble Collagen Assay Kit (96-well plate format), catalog no. SIRC2, distributed by Ilex Life Sciences LLC

"Over two decades ago, Biocolor introduced one of the first user-friendly collagen analysis kits. We are delighted to present this much improved version, designed with today's researchers and applications in mind", remarks Dr. David Steele, Managing Director at Biocolor Ltd.

"Updated to achieve higher sensitivity and specificity, the new and improved 96-well format Sircol™ 2.0 Assay is highly compatible with modern applications such as 3D cell culture. This ensures that Sircol™ assays will continue to be the 'gold standard' in soluble collagen measurement", notes Dr. Brad Worden, Director of Product Management at Ilex Life Sciences LLC.

Features and benefits of the new Sircol 2.0 Assay include:

  • User-Friendly Format: Convenient microplate format allows up to 96 parallel measurements.
  • Straightforward Analysis: Uses reliable, dye-based colorimetric detection (556 nm).
  • Enhanced Sensitivity: Detect collagen at concentrations starting from 2 μg/ml (0.25 μg/ml with optional concentration protocol, sample permitting).
  • Reduced Interference: Experience a *10-fold reduction in interference from non-collagenous proteins (*compared to previous Sircol™ assays).

To learn more about Sircol™ 2.0 Collagen Assay, please visit the Sircol 2.0 product page or contact us.

Ilex Life Sciences LLC is an authorized distributor of Biocolor Ltd.