Ilex Life Sciences appointed as North American distributor of PromedeusLab ELISA Kits!

We are excited to announce that Ilex Life Sciences now offers ELISA kits from PromedeusLab!

PromedeusLab logo

Based in Czech Republic, PromedeusLab develops and manufactures high quality immunoassay kits for novel biomarkers.

PromedeusLab was founded by Dr. Viktor Růžička, founder and former owner of BioVendor Group. PromedeusLab brings many combined years of knowledge and experience in the development, manufacture, and marketing of ELISA kits.

Given that the founders of Ilex Life Sciences have worked with Dr. Růžička in the past, we are excited to be working together once again in a new collaboration!

PromedeusLab ELISA kits are a welcome addition to the life sciences research focused product portfolio of Ilex Life Sciences in the United States and Canada. PromedeusLab ELISA kits are well-validated and quality controls are included with the kits. The initial offering includes:

In addition to off-the-shelf ELISA kits, PromedeusLab offers custom ELISA development services based on your needs. Please contact us for more information on this service.