Ilex Life Sciences becomes distributor of Ossiform P3D Scaffolds in US and Canada!

Ilex Life Sciences is proud to announce that we are now an official distributor of Ossiform P3D Scaffolds in US and Canada! Ossiform, based in Denmark, is a company founded on proprietary technology to 3D print natural bone-like materials. Their research product line, P3D Scaffolds, are an exciting addition to our cell culture and bioengineering focused product portfolio!

Ossiform logo

P3D Scaffolds are a uniquely lifelike bone environment made from β-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP) – using a patented 3D printing process. P3D scaffolds are 3D cell growth support structures and tissue models made of natural, biocompatible materials. The structures are 3D printed with internal porosities to mimic the porous structure observed in human bones.

Ossiform P3D Scaffolds in cell culture plate

These lifelike bone models represent a reliable research model for studying bone disease mechanisms and testing new treatments such as drug- or cell therapy candidates. With the capacity to overcome the shortcomings and drawbacks of conventional 2D cellular models and animal models, the P3D Scaffolds show huge potential in research areas such as tissue engineering, disease modeling, regenerative medicine, drug screening, and stem cell and cancer research.

With P3D Scaffolds, users are given:

  • Choice between grid or gyroid design
  • Choice between two different porosities
  • Choice between four different diameters to match standard plate well sizes
  • The option to further customize design based on individual needs

To learn more about this unique research tool, please visit our Ossiform P3D Scaffolds product page.