NEW PRODUCT: HybridBoost: Defined Serum-Free Hybridoma Medium

PAN-Biotech Gmbh and Ilex Life Sciences LLC are proud to announce a newly available defined, serum-free culture medium for hybridoma cell lines: HybridBoost!

PAN-Biotech HybridBoost: Defined Serum-Free Hybridoma Medium

HybridBoost is a serum-free and defined culture medium specifically designed for enhanced in vitro growth and proliferation of hybridoma cell lines. The optimized formulation allows the generation of a high yield of monoclonal antibodies (mAb). Because it does not contain hydrolysates and only negligible amounts of animal-derived components (< 0.1% w/v) and proteins (< 0.1% w/v), it is ideal for large-scale production of mAb.

Designed to optimize cell growth and increase production yields, HybridBoost is the result of PAN-Biotech's young and motivated R&D team. With a unique formulation that enhances cell proliferation and metabolism, HybridBoost is the perfect solution for challenging cell culture applications that require high-density cell growth and maximum product yield.

With the release of this new and improved medium, Pancell Hybridoma Medium has been discontinued from production. Although ISF-1 Hybridoma Medium is still available for purchase, HybridBoost represents the next generation of optimized hybridoma media.

To learn more about HybridBoost, please visit the HybridBoost product page or contact us.

Ilex Life Sciences is an authorized distributor of PAN-Biotech products including HybridBoost.