3-D Life Biomimetic Hydrogels: Cell Environment Design at Your Fingertips

3-D Life Biomimetic Hydrogels are developed and manufactured in Germany by Cellendes GmbH. Cellendes is a life science company offering comprehensive solutions for controlled design of cell environments in 3D cell culture. A toolbox of reagents provides flexibility in composing biomimetic hydrogels right at the users bench. Areas of application include basic research, drug development and biomedical engineering.

3-D Life Technology

The 3-D Life technology is an integrated system for the generation of biomimetic hydrogels used in 3D cell culture. The 3-D Life system consists of two polymers that form a hydrogel by covalent crosslinking at ambient temperature. The chemical reaction is non-toxic to cells and occurs rapidly, preventing cell settlement before the gel is formed.

Setup of Biomimetic Hydrogels



  • PVA or Dextran Polymer: PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) is a biochemically stable polymer providing long lasting hydrogel stability for long-term cell cultures. Dextran hydrogels can be dissolved by Dextranase (see Accessories) for a protease-free cell recovery.
  • CD, PEG, or HA Crosslinker: Choose between a cell-degradable (CD) crosslinker, a non-degradable (PEG) crosslinker, or hyaluronic acid (HA) crosslinker.
3-D Life hydrogel crosslinkers
    • Fast or Slow Gelling: Choose between fast gelling (FG) and slow gelling (SG) hydrogels to adapt the set-up of hydrogels to your experimental requirements.

    Product Line

    The 3-D Life product line represents the most flexible hydrogel system for biomimetic hydrogel design, from pre-configured gels to single components for individual gel compositions.

    Ready-To-Go Hydrogel Kits
    Ready-To-Go hydrogels are preconfigured in their composition. They contain defined biomimetic functions and are designed for ease of use.
      Ready-To-Design Hydrogel Kits
      These Kits provide the highest flexibility in designing biomimetic hydrogels: hydrogel stiffness, attachment of adhesion peptides, matrix metalloprotease degradability, protease-free gel dissolution for cell recovery can all be chosen independently from one another.
        Hydrogel Components
        Thiol-reactive polymers and crosslinkers are available as single reagents for the most individualized applications or for the extension of Hydrogel Kits or the replenishment of components in used kits.
          Cell Adhesion Peptides
          3-D Life Peptides contain cell adhesion motifs of extracellular matrix proteins for the biomimetic modification of hydrogels to introduce specific cell adhesion functionality.

            This product category includes reagents that complement the Ready-to-design Hydrogel Kits.


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