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Planet-Safe® is a growing line of cell culture labware created by Diversified Biotech, Inc. Made from 100% renewable resources to meet the needs of laboratories focusing on more eco-friendly and sustainable practices. Planet-Safe® items are engineered with a lower carbon footprint and offer more environmentally friendly end-of-life options.


The plant-based material (PLA) used to make Planet-Safe® Labware is derived from sugarcane starch, the cultivation and harvest of which is certified by Bonsucro, a leading global platform and standard that promotes sustainable sugarcane production, processing and trade.

Planet-Safe® labware is commercially compostable where available. Biohazardous labware may be incinerated, releasing a neutral amount of carbon dioxide and water. When landfill disposal is required, Planet-Safe® Labware provides a carbon sequestration benefit three times greater than that of polystyrene-based labware.

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Cell Culture Advantages

Planet-Safe® Cell Culture Dishes and Microplates made from PLA are optically clear and naturally more hydrophilic than petrochemical resins such as polystyrene. This beneficial property allows a variety of anchorage-dependent cell species to grow without additional surface coatings or treatments.

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Ilex Life Sciences is an authorized distributor of Planet-Safe® Sustainable Labware products manufactured by Diversified Biotech, Inc.

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  • Planet-Safe® Cell Culture Dish, Sterile, 100 mm x 15 mm
    Planet-Safe® Cell Culture Dish, Sterile, 100 mm x 15 mm, Cat. No. PSPD-1000, plant-based (PLA) sustainable cell culture dish (Petri dish), manufactured by Diversified Biotech, Inc., distributed by Ilex Life Sciences LLC.
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