Osteoblasts living in culture on Ossiform P3D Scaffolds for 20 weeks

Ossiform P3D Scaffolds, consisting of 3D-printed β-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP), are a unique, polymer-free, natural bone model. Even though this material is fully resorbable both in vivo and in vitro, it actually does not spontaneously dissolve while being used for cell culturing!

Scientists at Ossiform have been testing it for weeks, and are now ready to give a brief status update on their long term culturing experiment.

Currently, they have had osteoblasts in culture on P3D Scaffolds for 20 weeks! In the image below, on the left you’ll see a 10x magnification of osteoblasts residing in their extracellular matrix within a macropore of the P3D Scaffolds. To the right you’ll see that the P3D Scaffolds are still fully intact.

Osteoblasts cultured on Ossiform P3D Scaffolds for 20 weeks

Judging by the light microscope images, the cells are thriving and showing that long term culturing of osteoblast for bone formation studies are easy to achieve using P3D Scaffolds.

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Acknowledgement: This content has been adapted from Ossiform ApS. Ilex Life Sciences is an authorized distributor of Ossiform P3D Scaffolds.