Gelatex Technologies appoints Ilex Life Sciences as US distributor of Gelacell™ 3D Nanofibrous Scaffolds

In partnership with Gelatex Technologies, Ilex Life Sciences now offers Gelacell™ 3D Nanofibrous Scaffolds in the United States and Canada!

Gelacell™ 3D Nanofibrous Scaffolds

Gelatex Technologies has appointed Ilex Life Sciences to distribute Gelacell™ 3D Nanofibrous Scaffolds in North America. "Gelacell™ scaffolds produced from halospun pharma-grade materials are a novel, cutting-edge addition to our cell culture and tissue engineering focused product portfolio!" - notes Dr. Brad Worden, Director of Product Management at Ilex Life Sciences LLC.

Gelatex Technologies, manufacturer of Gelacell™, is a materials technology company specialized in the high-throughput manufacturing of nanofibrous materials using proprietary halospinning technology - the world’s fastest and most cost-effective solution-spinning process. Gelatex provides products for 3D cell culture and tissue engineering, and services for customized solutions.

Gelacell™ is a non-woven, highly porous scaffold specially designed for in vitro 3D cell culture and tissue engineering. It has a unique nanofibrous structure that closely mimics the natural extracellular matrix. Gelacell™ offers exceptional biocompatibility and non-toxicity across a variety of cell types.

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