Green Elephant Biotech appoints Ilex Life Sciences as North American distributor of CellScrew®!

Ilex Life Sciences is proud to announce that we have partnered with Green Elephant Biotech GmbH to bring their innovative, plant-based CellScrew® to labs across North America!

Green Elephant Biotech logo

Green Elephant Biotech is a spin-off of the University of Applied Science Mittelhessen in Giessen, Germany. Working as researchers in academia and the industry, its founders were shocked to see the enormous amount of single-use plastic waste accumulating.

To tackle this challenge, they set out to provide a simple cell cultivation device with better growth area to volume ratio made from renewable material. And now the innovation is here: the CellScrew®!

CellScrew®: sustainable and scalable adherent cell expansion system

The CellScrew® is a novel single-use cell culture device with a high growth area to volume ratio. It can simply be used in any bottle or tube roller. The TC-treated surface of the CellScrew® is suitable for the cultivation of adherent cell lines. It is made from plant derived polylactic acid (PLA) by an additive manufacturing process. By this, its carbon footprint is reduced ~ 90% when compared to standard single-use cell culture dishes.

  • Reduced manufacturing costs: The large growth area, intensified processes and ease of handling reduce labor costs and required manufacturing space.
  • Reduced time to market: As the CellScrew® can be applied from lab scale to manufacturing scale, no additional process development is necessary to scale-up.
  • Reduced environmental impact: Your CO₂ emission is reduced by more than 90% using the CellScrew®, compared to conventional multilayer flasks.

As a partner of Green Elephant Biotech, Ilex Life Sciences believes that plant-based materials represent the sustainable future of cell culture (and beyond!). We feel that the best way to introduce these novel materials is with innovative products that are not only sustainable, but offer increased performance in the lab as well!

To learn more about CellScrew®, please visit the CellScrew® product page, or contact us.