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Want to know if your sample of interest has been tested with EndoTrap® HD or EndoTrap® red endotoxin removal products already? We have compiled the following list of some of the samples that have been tested by EndoTrap® users along with ratings of their results!


Symbol Performance
 ** Excellent
* Good
/ No info yet
- Unfavorable
u User-reported


 Sample EndoTrap® HD EndoTrap® red Reference
(produced in HEK cells)
** / u
anti-CD14 Fab ** ** u
Fc-optimized CD133 mAb 293C3-SDIE ** / Journal, Riegg et al.
anti-GCP-2 antibodies
(granulocyte chemotactic protein 2)
** ** Journal,
Kelchtermann et al.
fusion protein with mouse IgG2a / * u
IgG1 Fab / ** u
IgG1 full-length ** / u
nanobody / single-domain antibody / ** u
single chain antibodies ** / u
Ara h 2 (peanut Arachis hypogaea allergen) / ** Journal, Starkl et al.
Bet v. 1.0101 (birch Betula pollen antigen) ** * Journal, Hoflehner et
CTB-Bet v 1a fusion protein (B subunit of cholera
toxin Vibrio cholera + birch Betula pollen antigen)
** / Journal, Bublin et al.
Bla g1, Bla g2 (cockroach antigens, CRA) * / Poster, Natarajan
crude peanut extract ** / u
Dau c1 (carrot Daucus carota antigen) ** / Journal, Reese et al.
grass pollen allergens ** / u
timothy grass (Phleum pratense) pollen allergen Phl p 5 / ** Journal, Neuper et al.
house dust mite extract (HDE) ** /


Journal, Pulczinski et al.

major mugwort pollen allergen Art v 1,
** / u
MF6p/FhHDM-1 (liver fluke Fasciola hepatica
/ * Journal, Martínez-
Sernández et al.
Chimeric SBR-GLU [E.coli BL21 (DE3)]
"saliva-binding region (SBR) glucan-binding region
** / u
genomic lactobacilli DNA ** - Journal, Luyer et al.
plasmid DNA ** - u
RNA ** - u
PROTEINS (E. coli expressed)
α-Synuclein, human ** / Journal, Kaji et al.
a3 (IV) NC1 collagen * / u
anthrax toxin, protective antigen & lethal factor
[E. coli BL21]
/ ** Journal, Devera et al.
BSA spiked with LPS from E. coli O127:B8 ** /


Community-acquired respiratory distress syndrome (CARDS) toxin, Mycoplasma pneumoniae ** / Journal, Shigeyuki et al.
CTRP9, mouse / ** Journal, Niemann et al.
Apolipoprotein H / beta-2 glycoprotein I
Domain I (N-terminal) [BL21*DE3]
** / Journal, McDonnell
et al.
ENO1 (mouse alpha-enolase) ** / Journal, Guillou et al.
E. coli enterotoxin, heat-labile, B subunit / ** Journal, Ji et al.
F4 fimbriae ** / Journal, Luo et al.
 Factor H binding protein (fHbp), Neisseria meningitidis / ** Journal, Alfini, Renzo et al.
fusion protein with maltose binding protein
[E. coli BL21 & CAJ629]
** / u
Galectin 3
[E. coli BL21 (DE3)]
/ * Journal, Novak et al.
heat shock protein HSP70
[E. coli BL21 (DE3) pLysS]
** / u
heat shock protein HSP70
[DnaK strain WKG191]
** / u
intracellular human proteins ** / u
L-Lysin-Oxidase ** / u
NS3 protease from Hepatitis C virus ** / Patent, Kojima et al.
recombinant protein and proteins from cell extracts
[E. coli, human Granulocyte]
/ ** u
recombinant protein [E.coli BL21 plysS] ** / u
cell-permeable Parkin protein (iCP-Parkin) ** / Journal, Chung et al.
PLY (Streptococcus pneumoniae pneumolysin) / ** Journal, Alhamdi et
proteins from Rosetta DE3pLacI ** / u
pneumococcal surface protein A (PspA) as an antigen for a vaccine against Streptococcus pneumoniae ** / Journal, Matsuda et al.
proteins from Rosetta™ strain (Novagene) ** - u
S-100 protein / ** u
Staphylococcus exotoxin / ** u
HIV Tat1–101  ** / Journal, Hammond et al.
[E. coli BL21(DE3)]
** / u
PROTEINS (from other sources)
ADAM10 prodomain
“disintegrin metalloproteinase“
** / Journal, Moss et al.
(Trypanosoma danilewskyi)
* * Journal, Katzenback
et al.
C5a (human, recombinant) ** / Journal, Soederholm
CD40L * / Journal, Katzenback
et al.
(cysteine interdomain region-1alpha)
** / Journal, Ndungu et
"cellular retinaldehyde-binding protein"
* ** Journal, Deeg et al.
Cystatin (cysteine protease inhibitor; nematode
Heligmosomoides polygyrus)
* / u
(Cys-Tumor Necrosis Factor)
/ ** Journal, Branschädel
et al.
(Designed Ankyrin Repeat Protein)
/ ** u
(extra domain A) from Fibronectin
** / Journal, Lasarte et
Fibronectin (mouse mus musculus)
** / u
GDAPC (Gla-domainless activated protein C) ** / u
GAD 65 (Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase 65) * * Journal, He et al.
Gluten - "amorphous ergastic protein" ** / u
glycoprotein (90% Carbohydrate from plant
** / u
Granzyme A (human NK92 cells) ** / Journal, Spencer et
(bovine Bos Taurus hemolysate)
** / Journal, Kwon et al.
His-tagged RAP
(Receptor Associated Protein)
** / u
HSP60 (heat shock protein 60) ** / Journal, Osterloh et
IL-8 (Interleukin-8; recombinant) / ** u
SIR2 (silent information regulatory 2 protein;
Leishmania major, recombinant from L. infantum)
/ ** Journal, Silvestre et
(Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans)
* / u
Lipocalin (human, recombinant) / ** u
MHC II (Major Histocompatibility Complex class II) ** / u
Muramylamidase from Gamma-Phage ** / u
MSA (Murine serum albumin) ** / u
Native HIV-1 envelope & Adenovirus Hexon * / u
PfMIF protein
(P. falciparum Macrophage-migration Inhibitor
** / Journal, Cordery et
plasma protein (human) ** / u
Plasminogen (Pg) / / Journal, Gonzalez-
Gronow et al.
protease ** / u
16K PRL (Prolactin Growth Hormone; human,
** / Journal, Nguyen et
(negative factor, HIV; recombinant)
** / Journal, Mangino et
RBP4 (Retinol binding protein 4; recombinant) ** / Journal, Yang et al.
SAP (serum amyloid P component; human) / ** Journal, MacDonald
et al.
Schistosoma mansoni, recombinant protein / ** u
Shiga toxins
(Stx1 and Stx2)
** / Journal, Griener et
al.; Brandelli et al.
secretory polypeptide ** / u
TGF-beta (Transforming Growth Factor-beta;
goldfish, recombinant)
/ ** Journal, Haddad et
TmHU (hyperthermostable eubacterium
Thermotoga maritime) "histone-like protein"
** * Journal, Immisch
TNF alpha-2 (Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha-2;
/ ** Journal, Grayfer et
transcription factor ** / u
phage particles ** / u

phage proteins:

major capsid protein (A3R, 676Z)

tail morphogenetic protein H (A3R, 676Z)

gpORF096 (A3R, 676Z)

** / Journal, Majewska et al.
BFC1 phage cocktail produced by the Queen Astrid Military Hospital (QAMH) in Brussels, containing one Staphylococcus aureus phage (ISP) and two P. aeruginosa phages (PNM and 14-1), used in clinical application ** / Journal, Van Nieuwenhuyse et al.
P. aeruginosa phages ** **

Journal, Engeman et al. (HD)

Journal, Wroe et al. (red)

P. aeruginosa phage cocktail PAM2H (EPa5, EPa11, EPa15, EPa22, EPa43) ** / Journal, Engeman et al.
P. aeruginosa phage cocktail: PYO2 (GenBank accession numbers vB_PaeP_PYO2, MF490236) and DEV (vB_PaeP_DEV, MF490238), E215 (vB_PaeM_E215, MF490241), and E217 (vB_PaeM_E217, MF490240). ** / Journal, Cafora et al.
P. aeruginosa phage cocktail used in clinical application: vB_PaeP_4029, vB_PaeP_4034, vB_PaeP_4032 ** / Journal, Ferry, T et al.
T4 bacteriophages ** /
phage fHoEco02 (E. coli endotoxins) ** / Journal, Hietala et al.
phage fHyAci03 (A. pittii endotoxins) ** / Journal, Hietala et al.
Caudovirales bacteriophages PYO2, DEV, E215, E217, PAK_P1, PAK_P4 ** / Journal, Forti et al.
Mcp—major capsid protein (product of gene AFN38122.1 or AFN38316.1 for A3R and 676Z, respectively)  ** / Journal, Majewska et al.
TmpH—tail morphogenetic protein H (product of gene AFN38181.1 or AFN38375.1 for A3R and 676Z, respectively) ** / Journal, Majewska et al.
gpORF096 (product of gene AFN38152.1 or AFN38346.1 for A3R and 676Z, respectively) ** / Journal, Majewska et al.
Phage lysates of Gram-negative bacteria ** / Journal, Rubalskii et al.
E79 phage preparations ** / Journal, Trend et al.
Emergency use phage cocktail in UTI treatment ** / Journal, Terwilliger et al.
Phages EFgrKN and EFgrNG rescue therapy ** / Journal, Paul et al.
Bacteriophage Cocktail Active against Shigella Species ** / Journal, Filippov et al.
"unique polysaccharide derived from baker's yeast"
** / u
small peptides ** / u
synthetic peptidoglycan structures ** / u


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