Gelacell™ - Gelatin scaffolds fixed to cell crowns in 6-well plate for 3D cell culture

Gelacell™ - Gelatin scaffolds fixed to cell crowns in 6-well plate for 3D cell culture

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Logo of Gelatex Technologies, manufacturer of Gelacell 3D nanofibrous scaffolds


Gelacell™ is a unique, 3D microfibrous scaffold specifically engineered for advanced in vitro 3D cell culture and tissue engineering applications. Designed as a non-woven, highly porous scaffold, Gelacell™ offers exceptional biocompatibility and non-toxicity across a variety of cell types. 

This variant of Gelacell™ is specially designed for medium-to-long term cell culture durations. Scaffolds made from pharmaceutical grade gelatin are fixed to cell crowns in a 6-well plate. The cell crowns act as Boyden chambers for facilitating studies related to air-liquid interface culture, co-culture, complex tissue models, etc. Gelacell™ also makes a robust platform for drug screening and other cell culture investigations. The optimized design of the scaffold ensures thermal, chemical, and mechanical stability, while also providing substantial swelling capabilities and porosity, allowing efficient nutrient diffusion and thereby preventing cellular waste build up.


  • 3D architecture with a substantial available surface area.
  • 6 well plate with cell crowns.
  • Minimal modifications required for transitioning from 2D to 3D culture.
  • Stable mechanical properties.
  • Scaffold fixed in a cell crown acting as Boyden chamber for complex culture.
  • Flexibility of scaffolds facilitates easy handleability.
  • Porous structure promotes cell migration and efficient diffusion of nutrients, solutes, and gases.
  • Compatibility with a variety of cell lines and culture conditions.
  • Polymeric scaffolds: biocompatibility, diversity, and widely accepted in cellular applications.
  • Sterilized by Gamma irradiation and remains sterile until the pack is opened.
  • Storage at room temperature.


Catalog No.
Polymer Gelatin (pharmaceutical grade, porcine derived)
Format 6 scaffolds fixed to cell crowns and loaded into a 6-well plate
Appearance (dry) White
Appearance (swelled in water/PBS) White (translucent)
Fiber Orientation Random
Fiber Diameter 1.83 μm ± 0.87 μm
Thickness 0.641 mm ± 0.016 mm
Area Density 28 g/m^2 ± 1 g/m^2
Porosity ≅ 87%
Wettability Hydrophilic
Swelling in PBS (pH 7.4 at 37°C) ≅ 1240% (The material was kept soaked for 24 hours in PBS at 37°C)
Degradation (in PBS at 37°C) ≅ 54% (Scaffold may disintegrate in 28 days)
pH (of PBS solution after 24 hours) 7.4 – 7.5, without observable changes
% Elongation 3% ± 0.27%
Modulus 2127 kPa ± 182 kPa
Ultimate stress 153 kPa ± 2.3 kPa
Manufacturer Gelatex Technologies
Country of Origin Estonia

Storage & Stability

Sterility and performance properties are maintained when stored at room temperature, with a shelf life of two years from the date of manufacture.


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