P04-04500: PAN-Biotech DMEM, w: 4.5 g/L Glucose, w: stable Glutamine, w/o: Sodium pyruvate, w: 3.7 g/L NaHCO3, 500 ml bottle, cell culture medium

PAN-Biotech DMEM, w: 4.5 g/L Glucose, w: stable Glutamine, w/o: Sodium pyruvate, w: 3.7 g/L NaHCO3

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Intrinsically developed for the cultivation of murine embryonic cells, DMEM (Dulbecco's Modified Eagle Medium) is tailor-made for the cultivation of a broad range of cells, especially if the medium is supplemented with FBS. DMEM is an Eagle medium modification with a fourfold content of amino acids and vitamins. DMEM with 1.0 g/L Glucose is the standard medium, whereas DMEM with 4.5 g/L Glucose is for cells which have a high energy demand.


PAN-Biotech DMEM, w: 4.5 g/L Glucose, w: stable Glutamine, w/o: Sodium pyruvate, w: 3.7 g/L NaHCO3


Cat. No. P04-04500

Bicarbonate: With 3.7 g/L Sodium Bicarbonate
Endotoxin Content: Endotoxin Content unspecified
Glucose: High Glucose (4.5 g/L)
Glutamine: Stable Glutamine
Liquid / Powder: Liquid
Phenol Red: With Phenol Red
Product Category: Cell Culture Media
Product Type: DMEM
Size: Various
Sodium Pyruvate: Without Sodium Pyruvate
Sterile: Yes
Storage Temperature: +2°C - +8°C


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