PAN-Biotech MEM Amino Acids Solution (50x) w/o: L-Glutamine, 100 ml bottle, cat. no. P08-30100, distributed by Ilex Life Sciences.

PAN-Biotech MEM Amino Acids Solution (50x) w/o: L-Glutamine

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MEM Amino Acids Solution is a 50x concentration of the same amino acids found in Eagle's Minimum Essential Medium (MEM Eagle), with the exception of L-glutamine.

Amino acids are crucial for cell culture. Cells cannot synthesize essential amino acids and have to be added to cell culture, while non-essential-amino acids relieve the intracellular metabolism and help cells grow better under the same circumstances. The availability of vitamins is extremely important for the cells, since the cells usually cannot synthesize the vitamins. Vitamins act as co-factors for many enzymes and are essential for their function. The absence of vitamins in culture may lead to decrease in cell growth, cell death or loss of productivity.


PAN-Biotech MEM Amino Acids Solution (50x) w/o: L-Glutamine


Cat. No. P08-30100

Concentration: 50x concentrated
Liquid / Powder: liquid
Product Category: Amino acids & vitamins
Product Type: Amino Acid Solution
Glutamine: No glutamine
Size: Various
Sterile: Yes
Storage Temperature: +2°C - +8°C
Manufacturer: PAN-Biotech GmbH
Country of Origin: Germany


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