PAN-Biotech MEM Eagle w: EBSS, w/o: L-Glutamine, w: NEAA, w: 2.2 g/L NaHCO3, 500 ml bottle, distributed by Ilex Life Sciences

PAN-Biotech MEM Eagle w: EBSS, w/o: L-Glutamine, w: NEAA, w: 2.2 g/L NaHCO3

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Minimum Essential Medium (MEM), developed by Harry Eagle, is a widely used synthetic cell culture media. After finding that Eagle's Basal Medium (BME) did not meet specific nutritional requirements of normal mammalian fibroblasts and certain HeLa cells, MEM was created with higher concentrations of amino acids to more closely resemble the protein composition of mammalian cells. When supplemented with serum, MEM is suitable for the cultivation of a wide variety of cells grown in monolayers. MEM often serves as a base medium for many further modifications.

MEM-NEAA: The addition of non-essential amino acids (NEAA) to MEM (MEM-NEAA) has increased the suitability of this medium for a broad range of applications.


Cat. No. P04-08509: Contains Earle’s Balanced Salt Solution (EBSS) and non-essential amino acids (NEAA).

Bicarbonate: With 2.2 g/L Sodium Bicarbonate
Endotoxin Content: Endotoxin Content unspecified
Glucose: With glucose
Glutamine: No Glutamine
Liquid / Powder: Liquid
Phenol Red: With Phenol Red
Product Category: Cell Culture Media
Product Type: MEM
Size: Various
Sodium Pyruvate: Without Sodium Pyruvate
Sterile: Yes
Storage Temperature: +2°C - +8°C
Manufacturer PAN-Biotech GmbH
Country of Origin Germany


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