PAN-Biotech Pancell T: Serum-Free, Chemically-Defined T-Cell Expansion Medium

Pancell T: Serum-Free, Chemically-Defined T-Cell Expansion Medium

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PAN-Biotech Pancell T is a chemically defined and protein-free (< 0.02%) medium for serum-free cultivation and proliferation of lymphocytes from full blood. The medium can be used for the enrichment and expansion of T-cells in vitro.

Pancell T enables:

  • Enrichment of T-cells from PBMC / full blood, after stimulation (e.g., with PHA-L or anti-CD3)
  • Stable performance > 4 passages
  • Long-term cultivation of immortalized T-cells
  • CD3+ > 80%
Cell Type: T-/CIK/ L AK Cells
Culture Type: Suspension Culture
Liquid / Powder: liquid
Product Category: Serum-Free Media
  • 10 x 500 ml
  • 20 x 500 ml
Sterile: Yes


Figure 1: PBMC cultivated in Pancell T, 5 days after stimulation

Figure 1: : PBMC cultivated in Pancell T, five days after stimulation.


Pancell T: T-Cell Expansion Medium (Cat. No. P04-710414X10, P04-710414X20): consists of a balanced mixture of salts, amino acids, vitamins, trace elements and hormones for optimized growth.

Pancell T: T-Cell Expansion Kit (Cat. No. P04-710414KX20): in addition to Pancell T medium, this kit includes PHA-L as supplement for the stimulation of lymphocytes (Cat. No. P05-01010M) and a cytokines supplement (Cat. No. P04-413S).

    Storage conditions & stability

    Pancell T: T-Cell Expansion Medium: Store at +2°C - +8°C in the dark.

    Pancell T supplemented with growth factors can be safely stored up to 3 months at 2-8°C in the dark. Repeated warming / cooling cycles and exposure to light should be avoided.

    PHA-L (lyophilized): Store at +2°C - +8°C in the dark.

    Pancell Growth Supplement: Store at -20°C.


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