QuickZyme Mouse MMP-9 Activity Assay principle
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QuickZyme Mouse MMP-9 Activity Assay

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Quantify both endogenous active MMP-9 and total MMP-9

The QuickZyme Mouse MMP-9 Activity Assay enables you to specifically measure in biological samples both active mouse MMP-9, as well as (pro)MMP-9 which is activated on the plate by APMA. It can be used for the measurement of MMP-9 activity in various biological samples, such as conditioned culture media, tissue homogenates, serum, plasma and urine.

This 96-well plate format assay is based on the QuickZyme technology, using a modified pro-enzyme as a substrate, which upon activation is able to release color from a chromogenic peptide substrate. This multiplication step provides a unique assay sensitivity.


  • Measures both endogenous active MMP-9 (naturally occurring) and total active MMP-9 (following activation with APMA).
  • Samples: cell culture conditioned medium, serum, plasma, urine and tissue homogenates.
  • Quantitative.
  • Range: 4 – 4000 pg/ml.
  • Sensitivity: 20 pg/ml for 1 h incubation with detection reagent; 1 pg/ml for 6 h incubation with detection reagent.
  • Ease-of-use: Equivalent to ELISA.


          Enzyme activity immunoassay

          QuickZyme Mouse MMP-9 Activity Assay principle


          • cell culture conditioned medium, serum, plasma, urine, tissue homogenates


          • 20 pg/ml (1 hr incubation)
          • 1 pg/ml (6 hr incubation)

                Quantitative Measurement

                The QuickZyme Mouse MMP-9 Activity Assay is a quantitative replacement for qualitative zymography.

                The QuickZyme Mouse MMP-9 Activity Assay is a quantitative replacement for qualitative zymography.


                Unopened kit: Store at -20°C, except for the standard, this vial should be stored at -70°C. Do not use kit, or individual kit components past kit expiration date.

                Opened kit / reconstituted reagents: Please refer to kit manual.

                Other names

                Matrix metalloproteinase-9, MMP9, 92 kDa gelatinase, 92 kDa type IV collagenase, Gelatinase B, GELB


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