Collection: 3-D Life Ready-To-Go Hydrogel Kits for 3-D Cell Culture

The 3-D Life technology by Cellendes is an integrated system for the generation of biomimetic hydrogels used in 3-D cell culture. The 3-D Life system consists of two polymers that form a hydrogel by covalent crosslinking at ambient temperature. The chemical reaction is non-toxic to cells and occurs rapidly, preventing cell settlement before the gel is formed.

The 3-D Life Ready-To-Go Hydrogel Kits are preconfigured in their composition. They contain defined biomimetic functions and are designed for ease of use.

Ready-To-Go Hydrogel Kits contain a preformulated thiol-reactive polymer and a crosslinker. 3-D cell cultures can be set up by adding a cell suspension and the crosslinker to the thiol-reactive polymer.

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  • 3-D Life ToGro Hydrogel Kit
    3-D Life ToGro Hydrogel Kit
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