Biocolor Sircol™ Soluble Collagen Assay (Original Version) - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Biocolor Sircol™ Soluble Collagen Assay, Standard Size Kit (110 assays), original version, cat. no. S1000, distributed by Ilex Life Sciences LLC

Here you will find answers to many of the frequently asked questions about Biocolor Sircol™ Soluble Collagen Assay (original version, cat. no. S1000).

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What is the Sircol™ Soluble Collagen Assay (original version)?

The Biocolor Sircol™ Soluble Collagen Assay (original version) is a quantitative dye-binding assay for measurement of both acid-soluble and pepsin-soluble collagens.

The assay can assess the rate of newly synthesized collagen. New collagen is produced during periods of rapid growth and development. New collagen is also generated during inflammation, wound healing and tumor development.

The Sircol Assay can monitor collagen produced in situ, or during in-vitro cell culture. It can also measure in-vitro extracellular matrix formation.

General Questions

What is the difference between the S1000 and Sircol 2.0 assay kits?

The Sircol kit with catalog number S1000 is Biocolor's original soluble collagen assay. It utilizes samples processed within 1.5 ml microtubes, followed by manual transfer to a microplate for spectrophotometric analysis. The Sircol 2.0 kit is its modern successor, based on an improved dye formulation, combined with the processing and measurement of samples directly within the convenient microwell plate format. As a result, Sircol 2.0 is more user-friendly, while also offering increased collagen sensitivity and specificity.

Is the S1000 kit (original version) still on the market?

Yes, we will continue to offer the S1000 kit and related consumables for sale. We are pleased to continue to support our wide range of commercial and academic customers who have incorporated the S1000 kit into their laboratory workflows.

What is the sensitivity of the original version Sircol assay (S1000 kit)?

1.0 μg collagen per assay tube, equivalent to 10 μg/ml. Quantities as low as 1 μg of collagen can be recovered from a 1 ml volume if the collagen isolation & concentration protocol is used (see kit manual for more detail).

How long does the original version Sircol assay (S1000 kit) take to run?

1.5 hours assay run-time.

What forms of collagen does the original version Sircol assay (S1000 kit) measure?

Acid-soluble and pepsin-soluble collagens.

What types of collagen can the original version Sircol assay (S1000 kit) be used with?

Mammalian collagens, Types I to V.

What sort of collagen standard should I use with the assay?

The kit containing bovine collagen reference standard is suitable for use with all mammalian cells.

What absorbance values can samples be measured at?

Absorbance spectrum maximum for Sircol dye in alkali reagent is 556 nm; however, absorbance settings within the range of 520-570 nm will give suitable readings.

Sample Preparation

How do I prepare samples for measurement with the Sircol assay?

Preparation details for cell culture and tissue samples can be found in the assay manual.


Where can I purchase Biocolor Sircol™ Soluble Collagen Assay in the United States and Canada?

Ilex Life Sciences LLC is an official distributor of Biocolor extracellular matrix assays in North America. Please visit the Biocolor Sircol™ Soluble Collagen Assay Product Page or contact us.