PAN-Biotech (10x) Trypsin 0.5% / EDTA 0.2% in PBS, w/o: Ca and Mg, 100 ml bottle, cat. no. P10-024100, distributed by Ilex Life Sciences LLC

PAN-Biotech (10x) Trypsin 0.5% / EDTA 0.2% in PBS, w/o: Ca and Mg

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PAN-Biotech (10x) Trypsin 0.5% / EDTA 0.2% in PBS, w/o: Ca and Mg is a porcine pancreas-derived enzyme plus EDTA in a 10x concentrated PBS solution. Trypsin-EDTA solution is commonly used for the dissociation of anchorage-dependent (adherent) mammalian cells and tissues from culture surfaces. The concentration of trypsin necessary to dislodge cells from their substrate is dependent on the cell type and the age of the culture.

Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA), a chelating agent, is often added to trypsin solutions to enhance enzymatic activity by neutralizing calcium and magnesium ions that enhance cell-to-cell adhesion and obscure the peptide bonds on which trypsin acts.


    Enzymatic solution for the dissociation and disaggregation of anchorage-dependent mammalian cells and tissues. Trypsin solutions can range from 0.025% to 0.5% depending on application.


    Cat. No. P10-024100

    Ca/Mg Content: Without Ca and Mg
    10x concentrated
    Trypsin Concentration 0.50% Trypsin
    EDTA Concentration
    0.20% (5.3 mM) EDTA
    Phenol Red Without phenol red
    Product Category Enzymes for cell dissociation
    Product Type Trypsin-EDTA
    Size 100 ml
    Sterile Yes
    Storage Temperature -20°C
    In Solution In PBS
    Contaminants Tested negative for mycoplasma and PPV.
    Manufacturer PAN-Biotech GmbH
    Country of Origin Germany

    Application Note

    Cell exposure to trypsin solution should be as brief as possible. Overexposure to trypsin can damage cells. Cell cultures under serum-free conditions in general detach more readily and are more sensitive to trypsin. Failure to neutralize trypsin may result in a loss of the culture.

    Serum contains natural trypsin inhibitors. In serum-free cell culture the neutralizing effect of serum is absent. Therefore, it is crucial to completely block proteolytic activity from trypsin after detachment of the cells. For inhibiting trypsin activity in serum-free culture of adherent cells, we recommend using PAN-Biotech Trypsin Inhibitor III.


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