PAN-Biotech Penicillin-Streptomycin (10,000 U/ml Penicillin, 10 mg/ml Streptomycin), 100 ml bottle, cat. no. P06-07100, distributed by Ilex Life Sciences

PAN-Biotech Penicillin-Streptomycin (10,000 U/ml Penicillin, 10 mg/ml Streptomycin)

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PAN-Biotech Penicillin-Streptomycin solution contains 10,000 U/ml Penicillin and 10 mg/ml Streptomycin.

The antibiotics penicillin and streptomycin are used to prevent bacterial contamination of cell cultures to due their effective combined action against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. Penicillin was originally purified from the fungus Penicillium and acts by interfering directly with the turnover of the bacterial cell wall and indirectly by triggering the release of enzymes that further alter the cell wall. Streptomycin was originally purified from Streptomyces griseus. It acts by binding to the 30S subunit of the bacterial ribosome, leading to inhibition of protein synthesis and death in susceptible bacteria.


Penicillin-Streptomycin is used to supplement cell culture media to control bacterial contamination. It is recommended for use in cell culture applications at 10 µL/ml.


Components Concentration 
Streptomycin sulfate 10,000.00 mg/L
Sodium chloride 8,500.00 mg/L
Penicillin G potassium salt 10,000,000.00 Units/L


Liquid / Powder: liquid
Product Category: Antibiotics and Antifungal Drugs
Product Type: Penicillin-Streptomycin
Size: various
Sterile: Yes
Storage Temperature: -20°C
Manufacturer PAN-Biotech GmbH
Country of Origin Germany


This product is intended for Laboratory Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures. This product may not be used as a pharmaceutical or veterinary drug, agricultural product, or food additive.


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