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Phytohemagglutinin-L (PHA-L) is isolated from red kidney beans and purified by affinity chromatography. It is a tetrameric protein with a molecular weight of 126 kDa, each subunit of about 31 kDa. The lectin recognizes and binds specifically to terminal galactose, N-acetylglucosamine and mannose residues of complex glycans on mammalian glycoproteins. PHA-L is also known as leucoagglutinin and has high mitogenic and leucoagglutinating activity, but low erythroagglutinating activity. The lectin recognizes terminal galactose residues of complex glycans on mammalian glycoproteins such as thyroglobulin. PHA-L does not agglutinate human erythrocytes at concentrations of 250 µg/mL or less, and is non-specific for blood groups. PHA-L lectin is supplied as a white lyophilized powder from a buffer containing from 10mM NH4HCO3. The purity of the lectin is determined by SDS-PAGE generating one single band at 31 kDa.


Phytohemagglutinin-L (PHA-L) purified from Phaseolus vulgaris (red kidney bean).


Plant lectin suitable for stimulating lymphocyte proliferation and differentiation.

Reconstitute one vial aseptically with 5 ml sterile pure water. Apply 1 ml of the reconstituted solution to 100 ml cell culture medium. Further instructions for using PHA-L for lymphocyte stimulation can be found in the datasheet for Panserin 413.


CAS Registry No. 9008-97-3
Liquid / Powder: liquid
Product Category: Media supplements
Product Type: Phytohemagglutinin
Size: 6 x 5 ml (1.2 mg protein/flask)
Sterile: Yes
Storage Temperature:
  • Lyophilized powder: +2°C - +8°C
  • Reconstituted solution: -20°C

Other names

Phaseolus Vulgaris Lectin L, Leucoagglutinating phytohemagglutinin, DLEC2, Leucoagglutinin, UniProtKB# P05087


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