PAN-Biotech TC-100 Insect Medium, w: L-Glutamine, w: 0.35 g/L NaHCO3, 500 ml bottle, insect cells culture media, cat. no. P04-92500, distributed by Ilex Life Sciences.

PAN-Biotech TC-100 Insect Medium, w: L-Glutamine, w: 0.35 g/L NaHCO3

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Dr. Gardiner and Dr. Stockdale created TC-100 Insect Medium by modifying the original version of Grace's insect medium. TC-100 is optimized for the growth of insect cells, including Spodeptera frugiperda (Sf9), and for the expression of recombinant Autographa californica Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus (rAcNPV) using the Baculovirus Expression Vector System (BEVS). TC-100 is suitable for the growth of cells from a variety of lepidopteran species.


Cat. No. P04-92500

    With 0.35 g/L sodium bicarbonate
    Glucose: With glucose
    Glutamine: With L-Glutamine
    HEPES: Without HEPES
    Liquid / Powder: Liquid
    Phenol Red: Without phenol red
    Product Category: Insect cells media
    Product Type: TC-100 Insect Medium
    Size: Various
    Sodium Pyruvate: Without sodium pyruvate
    Sterile: Yes
    Storage Temperature: +2°C - +8°C
    Manufacturer: PAN-Biotech GmbH
    Country of Origin: Germany


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