P04-69600: PAN-Biotech Pancoll Human: Cell Separating Solution, Density: 1.100 g/ml, 500 ml bottle

Pancoll Human: Cell Separation Medium, Density: 1.100 g/ml

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In many cases the isolation of cells is the first step for gene expression studies or in diagnostic procedures. Besides biological separation techniques physical separation methods are most commonly used. These methods use physical differences such as size and weight of the particles to be separated. For this purpose so-called separation solutions (also known as centrifugation media or density gradient media) are used.

Pancoll separation media from PAN-Biotech contain a polysaccharide with a molecular weight of 400,000 daltons. This hydrophilic polymer allows production of aqueous solutions for cell separation with a density of up to 1.119 g/ml. PAN-Biotech offers a variety of ready-to-use products with a density of 1.063 g/ml up to 1.119 g/ml for a very wide range of cell isolation applications.

As the densities of blood fractions and the osmolality are different among species these parameters are optimized in Pancoll rat, Pancoll mouse and Pancoll animal.


  • Pancoll Human: Cell Separation Medium, Density: 1.100 g/ml
Density: 1.100 g/mL
EDTA: Without EDTA
Endotoxin Content: Endotoxin content unspecified
Liquid / Powder: Liquid
Product Category: Cell Separation Media
Product Type: Pancoll Cell Separation Media
Size Various
Sterile: Yes
Storage Temperature: +2°C - RT

Method of Separation

Pancoll is available in different densities of the separation solution (e.g. 1.068 g/ml, 1.077 g/ml). The density is the key parameter to choose the appropriate solution for the target fraction (see table 1).

Table 1: Density of cell fractions of human blood

Cell Fraction  Density (g/ml)
Thrombocytes 1.040 - 1.060
Monocytes 1.059 - 1.068
Lymphocytes 1.066 - 1.077
Basophiles 1.075 - 1.081
Neutrophiles 1.080 - 1.099
Eosinophiles 1.088 - 1.096
Erythrocytes 1.090 - 1.110

Reference 1. Separation by Cell Size and Cell Density, Immunology (The Experimenter Series), Werner Luttmann, Kai Bratke, et al., Academic Press Publications 2006, ISBN-13 : 978-0120885442

Typical Results

Lymphocytes  60 ± 20 % yield of Lymphocytes from original blood samples
95 ± 5 % of the Lymphocyte fraction are mononuclear Leukocytes
> 90 % live cells (trypan blue-exclusion)
Other cells 3 ± 2 % Granulocytes
5 ± 2 % Erythrocytes
< 0.5 % total number of platelets of the original blood sample

Storage conditions & stability

Store between +2° C to 20° C. Protect from light.

When properly stored, density gradient isolation media are stable for at least 36 months. The storage period starts with the manufacturing date.


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