Collection: Cell separating solutions

In many cases the isolation of cells is the first step for gene expression studies or in diagnostic procedures. Besides biological separation techniques physical separation methods are most commonly used. These methods use physical differences such as size and weight of the particles to be separated. For this purpose so-called separating solutions (= centrifugation media) are used.

Pancoll separating solutions contain a polysaccharide with a molecular weight of 400,000 daltons; this hydrophilic polymer allows for production of aqueous solutions for cell separation with a density of up to 1.2 g/ml. PAN-Biotech offers a variety of ready-to-use products with a density of 1.063 g/ml up to 1.091 g/ml for a very wide range of cell separation applications.
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  • Pancoll Human: Cell Separating Solution, Density 1.077 g/ml
    P04-60100: PAN-Biotech Pancoll human, Density: 1.077 g/ml (100 ml)
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