Collection: Gelacell™ scaffolds in plate wells (short to medium term 3D cell culture)

Gelacell™ Scaffolds in Plate Wells

Gelacell™ is a unique, 3D microfibrous scaffold specifically engineered for advanced in vitro 3D cell culture and tissue engineering applications. Designed as a non-woven, highly porous scaffold, Gelacell™ offers exceptional biocompatibility and non-toxicity across a variety of cell types.

This Gelacell™ format is a plate containing circular scaffolds made from pharmaceutical grade materials that are fixed to PET discs. This format offers a straightforward visual imaging of cells directly from the well plate. Tailored for the cultivation of complex systems like organoids, cell microenvironments, and tissue regeneration, Gelacell™ also makes a robust platform for drug screening and other cell culture investigations. The scaffold’s optimized design ensures thermal, chemical, and mechanical stability, while providing substantial swelling capabilities and porosity for efficient nutrient diffusion and cellular waste build up prevention.


  • 3D architecture with a substantial available surface area.
  • Minimal modifications required for transitioning from 2D to 3D culture.
  • Stable mechanical properties.
  • Scaffolds are affixed to transparent, inert discs for easy handling.
  • Porous structure promotes cell migration and efficient diffusion of nutrients, solutes, and gases.
  • Compatibility with a variety of cell lines and culture conditions.
  • Direct analysis of cell morphology and behavior under a fluorescence microscope.
  • Sterilized by Gamma irradiation and remains sterile until the pack is opened.
  • Storage at room temperature.

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