PAN-Biotech Panserin 293S: Serum-free medium for HEK293 cells in suspension culture, w: L-Glutamine, 500 ml cell culture medium

Panserin 293S: Serum-free medium for HEK293 cells in suspension culture, w: L-Glutamine

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PAN-Biotech Panserin 293S is a complete, ready to use medium for the serum-free cultivation of HEK293 cells (Human Embryonic Kidney) in suspension culture.

    Cell Type: HEK cells
    Culture Type: Suspension Culture
    Liquid / Powder: liquid
    Product Category: Serum-Free Media
    Glutamine With L-Glutamine
    Size: Various
    Sterile: Yes
    Storage Temperature: +2°C - +8°C
    Manufacturer PAN-Biotech GmbH
    Country of Origin Germany


    Based on DMEM/F12 medium with additional oligopeptides (hydrolysates < 0.02% w/v), hormones and trace elements to support expression and cell growth. This product contains only traces of protein (< 0.002% w/v) and animal derived components (< 0.0003% w/v).


    Panserin 293S is a particularly enriched medium optimized for the growth of HEK293 cells in suspension culture. Due to its defined composition, the purification of final products (recombinant proteins, viruses) from the cell culture is more convenient and economic. This product can also be applied to adapt adherent HEK293 cells into suspension.

    Growth stimulation of HEK293 cells in suspension with PAN-Biotech Panserin 293S serum-free culture media


    Product References

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