Cell culture products

Cell culture refers to the removal of cells from an organism and their subsequent growth in a favorable artificial environment.  The cells may be removed from the tissue directly and disaggregated by enzymatic or mechanical means before cultivation, or they may be derived from a cell line or cell strain that has already been established. The success of cell culture depends on the optimization of the culture conditions including the proper cell attachment substrates for adherent cell cultures.

Ilex Life Sciences supports cell culture research with biomimetic hydrogels, precoated biomatrices, scaffolds, plant-based cultureware, extracellular matrix assays, cell-based assays, highly bioactive growth factors, matrix proteins for cell-adhesion, and more.

3-D Life Biomimetic Hydrogels

3-D Life Biomimetic Hydrogels

3-D Life hydrogels, consisting of synthetic and chemically defined components, can be reproducibly modified to mimic the characteristics of natural extracellular matrices.

3-D Life kits provide the highest flexibility in designing biomimetic hydrogels: hydrogel stiffness, attachment of adhesion peptides, matrix metalloproteinase degradability, and protease-free gel dissolution for cell recovery can all be chosen independently from one another.

denovoMATRIX biomatrices

denovoMATRIX biomatrices for cell culture

denovoMATRIX develops and manufactures biomatrix coatings that enable the culture of a wide variety of primary, stem and established cell lines. In vivo, extracellular matrix (ECM) molecules surround individual cells with essential roles in regulation of adhesion, differentiation, migration, phenotype, organization and structure. denovoMATRIX coatings recapitulate these major functions of the natural ECM, making cell culture easy, robust, and biologically relevant.

Ossiform P3D Scaffolds: bone-like 3D cell culture systems

Ossiform P3D Scaffolds: bone-like 3D cell culture systems

P3D Scaffolds are 3D cell growth support structures and tissue models that are 3D-printed from β-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP). They are available in different sizes designed to perfectly fit standard cell culture plate wells.
The structures are 3D printed with internal porosities to mimic the porous structure observed in human bones. In consequence, the lifelike models provide a more accurate replica of the bone composition and stiffness, and therefore facilitates a more realistic growth.

These lifelike bone models represent a reliable research model for studying bone disease mechanisms and testing new treatments such as drug- or cell therapy candidates.

CellScrew®: sustainable and scalable adherent cell expansion system

CellScrew®: sustainable and scalable adherent cell expansion system

The CellScrew® is a novel single-use cell culture device with a high growth area to volume ratio. It can simply be used in any bottle or tube roller. The TC-treated surface of the CellScrew® is suitable for the cultivation of adherent cell lines. It is made from plant derived polylactic acid (PLA) by an additive manufacturing process. By this, we were able to reduce its carbon footprint ~ 90% when compared to standard single-use cell culture dishes.

Cell-based assays

Cell-based assays

Cell-based assays are vital experimental tools in research and biomanufacturing.  They are based on cell culture methods, where live cells are grown in vitro and used as model systems to assess the processes of both healthy and diseased cells.

Advance your cell biology research with the Biocolor Cell-Clock™ Cell Cycle Assay and Cell-APOPercentage™ Apoptosis Assay today.

Extracellular matrix assays

extracellular matrix assays

The extracellular matrix (ECM) is the non-cellular component present within all tissues and organs, and provides not only essential physical scaffolding for the cellular constituents but also initiates crucial biochemical and biomechanical cues that are required for tissue morphogenesis, differentiation and homeostasis

These extracellular matrix assays use dye/chromogen based methods to allow any lab to easily measure ECM components such as collagen, hydroxyproline, glycosaminoglycans (sGAG), elastin, matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) activity, and hyaluronan.

Proteins for cell culture

proteins for cell culture

Ilex Life Sciences offers a variety of native and recombinant proteins to support your cell culture research. Browse our growth factors, cell-adhesion molecules, media supplements, enzymes, and more.

Cell culture media

Cell culture media

Explore a wide variety of cell culture media, including serum-free media, to support your specific cell culture applications.

Cell culture reagents

Cell culture reagents

Here you will find reagents and accessories supporting all types of cell culture applications: