isoMATRIX: precoated cultureware for MSCs isolation
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isoMATRIX: precoated cultureware for MSCs isolation

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Enabling high MSC yield for cell and gene therapy with isoMATRIX.


Your organization manufactures a human mesenchymal stem cell (MSC)-based product. You are driven to provide MSCs with consistent high yield and therapeutic functionality. Your processes are limited by donor-related variations affecting cell isolation, a decline in cell growth and quality during cell culture, as well as cellular senescence promoted by extensive cell expansion. Your goal is to move away from the use of serum that causes cellular heterogeneity and limits therapeutic application of your MSC product.


isoMATRIX provides a chemically defined cell adhesion-promoting microenvironment as pre-coated cultureware, specially formulated to facilitate the isolation of highly proliferative MSCs in serum/xeno-free media.


  • Efficient – Gain up to 35% more stem cells with 33% faster growth and high quality.
  • Chemically defined – Animal/human-component free raw materials at pharma grade level.
  • Compatible – Isolate cells from different tissue sources with various culture media.
isoMATRIX: Gain up to 35% more stem cells with 33% faster growth and high quality.

    Seamless transition of your cell manufacturing processes with isoMATRIX.

    Compatible with your protocols.

    isoMATRIX can be used flexibly with different media, tissue sources, and isolation procedures. The isolation process itself remains in your control. No changes of established protocols are necessary to improve your processes with the isoMATRIX. Built for your consistency.

    Gain a highly defined culture.

    Efficient in vitro expansion of high quality MSCs requires optimal growth conditions. isoMATRIX can be used in combination with many dissociation reagents, media and supplements and supports cell adhesion, rapid proliferation and high viability in serum-containing as well as serum-free culture conditions. The chemically defined nature of the coating qualifies it for the use in cell manufacturing for clinical research, tissue engineering, cell-based therapies, drug screening and disease modeling.

    Upscale your processes.

    isoMATRIX is designed to integrate into the denovoMATRIX product family. Take advantage of the myMATRIX MSC and beadMATRIX products to enhance the yield of your MSC production after isolation with isoMATRIX. Static culture is limiting you? Schedule a call with us to learn what denovoMATRIX can offer for your industrial bioprocesses.


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