PowerStem MSC1, Serum-free medium for human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSC)

PowerStem MSC1, Serum-free medium for human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSC)

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PAN-Biotech PowerStem MSC1 is an easy to use xeno-free, serum-free medium for in vitro proliferation of human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSC). PowerStem MSC1 supports long-term growth of MSC and preserves their multi-lineage potential. In addition, MSC cultured in PowerStem MSC1 expands faster and shows a significant reduction in hematopoietic cell contamination at early passages compared to serum-based media. To differentiate the proliferated MSC into different cells types the relevant protocols and differentiation factors should be used.

Cell Type: MSCs
Liquid / Powder: Liquid
Product Category: Serum-Free Media
  • 1 x 500 ml kit
  • 6 x 500 ml kit
  • 20 x 500 ml kit
Sterile: Yes
Manufacturer: PAN-Biotech GmbH
Country of Origin Germany


PowerStem MSC1 contains salts, amino acids, trace elements, hormones, growth factors, enriched human proteins and lipids in an optimized formulation.


Serum-free cultivation of human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSC) while maintaining the undifferentiated state and multi-lineage potential.


PowerStem MSC1 allows the cultivation of human mesenchymal stem cells under serum-free conditions. It is free of animal or human serum and thus enables constant and comparable experimental conditions resulting in highly reproducible data. PowerStem MSC1 is completely free of xenogenous components (xeno-free) and thus suitable for a research approach in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. By adding specific differentiation factors, MSC can be differentiated in vitro to the desired cell types (bone, cartilage, adipose tissue etc.).

Figure 1. Human MSC Proliferation: Picture is showing the average of three independent experiments. Growth conditions: 2000 cells per ml / growth area 1.9 cm2 . During the growth phase medium was not changed. After 8 days the cell density was determined.


PowerStem MSC1 medium consists of:

  • PowerStem MSC1 basal medium (470 ml, Cat. No. P04-77350C)
  • PowerStem MSC1 growth supplement 1 (5 ml, Cat. No. P04-77350S1) which is added at the time of use.
  • PowerStem MSC1 growth supplement 2 (25 ml, Cat. No. P04-77350S2) which is added at the time of use.

Storage conditions & stability

  • PowerStem MSC1 basal medium: store in the dark at 2-8° C.
  • Two PowerStem MSC1 growth supplements: store in the dark at -20° C (will be shipped on dry ice, should be used immediately on arrival or may be refrozen for later use)

PowerStem MSC1 basal medium is stable for 2 years and PowerStem MSC1 growth supplements are stable for 12 months when properly stored. PowerStem MSC1 complete medium (basal + supplements) is stable for 1 month when stored in the dark at 2-8 °C. We do not recommend using the complete medium beyond one month. Do not freeze complete PowerStem MSC1 medium.


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